About Sapphire Initiative for Girl-Child Literacy & Empowerment (SIGCLE)

Through the education and empowerment that SIGCLE provides, these resilient girls and young women are transforming their lives, and the lives of many other vulnerable children in their communities.

What you should know about SIGCLE

SIGCLE promotes girl-child education in most affected rural communities in Northern Nigeria and advocates for enforceable legislations that will protect and promote the fundamental rights of the girl-child in Africa.

SIGCLE discourages all socio-cultural and economic reasons that promote early/forced girl-child marriage in Africa.

SIGCLE enhances learning environment for basic education in Nigeria.

SIGCLE provides socio-economic empowerment for all disadvantaged women in rural communities and provides essential support and empowerment for all physically challenged persons in rural communities.

Facts And Figures About Girl-Child Challenge in Africa

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Percent of African Children are enrolled in Primary education


Percent of children eventually complete school in Africa


girls for every 100 boys, are only enrolled at primary school


Percent of illiterate girls in Africa become pregnant

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Testimonials from Our Partners

  • Comrade God’spower A Wealth

    SIGCLE is a treasure for the entire country and Africa at large. Her selfless effort and unparalleled leadership in the fight for girl-child education and empowerment, is an inspiration even to Social Workers like me.”

    Co-founder, The Stage Africa Foundation
  • Musa J. Abanka

    ” Girl Child Education is a very important program to the society that requires various stakeholders to work in tandem. One platform for such actions is provided for through SIGCLE – both national and transnational. “

    President, Reforming Nigerians Talents Organization (RENTO)

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Our Incorporated Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall control and strategic direction of SIGCLE. They meet regularly to discuss, decide and review our strategies and programs and receive reports and updates from executive directors. Our trustees work for SIGCLE voluntarily to make sure we’re doing all we can to reach and improve the lives and livelihood of the Girls-Child